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7 Tips For Returning To A Fitness Routine And A Healthier You!

If you've been living like a sloth on the couch for several years, a quick glance in the mirror may reveal that you no longer look like the pictures of years ago before you turned into that couch potato. Given the choice, your body will always try and take the easy way out of being

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The Benefits of Boxing You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

When the going gets tough, the tough get boxing! With all of the stability, strength, and endurance training that boxing helps with, it’s no wonder our iTrain Lions and Lionesses flock to our Lion Rumble boxing classes every month. But you may be wondering what the real benefits of boxing are and if it’s worth

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7 Great Benefits Of Cardiovascular Fitness

7 Great Benefits Of Cardiovascular Fitness Cardio. For some people, it's a dreaded word and for others, it's a passion they can't get enough of. Either way that you look at it though, cardiovascular exercise is one of the integral components that should never be left out of a fitness plan. Improving cardiovascular fitness can reduce your

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8 Post Workout Snacks

8 Post Workout Snacks Spending quality time at the gym without paying attention to your postworkout diet is like doing a spectacular interview for your dream job but never following up about the position. It undermines your hard work, especially if your goal is to lose weight or pack on muscle mass. It may seem

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February 2019 News & Events

February Calendar Take a look at the events we have planned for February! These items are noted because they are being offered in addition to normally-scheduled classes, events, and programs. Mark your calendars and don’t forget to sign up for classes on MindBody! Saturday, February 9 8:00 A.M. -- Open Gym 9:00 A.M. -- Little Red

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