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iTrain Studio’s 21 Day Detox Diet Program

If you’re looking for a cleanse or detox for weight loss, we have you covered! iTrain Studio’s 21 Day Detox diet program is uniquely designed to jumpstart your metabolism so you’re one step closer to reaching your weight loss goals.
Sound like something you’d be interested in? For just $99, you can expect to receive one-on-one attention and guidance from personal trainers and nutritional experts. You’ll have access to:
  • Weekly, hour-long Small Group Training sessions led by trainers
  • Extra Saturday workouts
  • MyFitMembers smartphone app complete with exclusive nutrition information
  • Facebook virtual support group
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A Few Of Our Testimonials

We think you’ll love the program, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what previous detox-ers had to say about their experience:

“I signed up for the Detox because I wanted the group accountability and to try a new gym. I had heard about how supportive the iTrain community was and I wanted to try it out for myself. I was not disappointed!”Michele Byers

“After beginning my journey at iTrain with the 21 Day Detox, my negative thoughts about going to a gym changed. I found that each of the iTrain personal trainers treats every member as individuals. It’s not just someone wandering the gym waiting for you to ask a question. I felt like I was a somebody. They listen and are patient with my lack of knowledge of equipment and routines. Their professional knowledge earned my trust that iTrain knew what to do when I walked through that door.” — Barbara Bieganski

“Before starting the 21 Day Detox challenge, I knew I needed change and accountability. I was between gyms at the time and was truly missing workouts that were challenging. I have always struggled with any type of fidelity to any healthy eating or detox plans. I thought ‘21 days, how hard could that be?!’ I completed the challenge and am proud to say I’m still going strong.”Ashley Mercado

21 Day Detox FAQs

This is not your typical cleanse for weight loss where you’ll be making trips to the restroom every hour of the day. This detox diet is all about eating in a way that allows your body to naturally clean itself out, giving you the ability to kick-start your weightloss journey.
Through the access of our MyFitMembers app, you’ll have access to tons of 21 day sugar detox recipes that include natural, whole-food ingredients with minimal supplementation to help clean out your body.
In order to maximize your weight loss results, we recommend that you utilize our 21 Day Detox Supplement Stack. It will provide you with everything you need to stay energized and focused while cleansing your body. While it’s not guaranteed, you may also see a dramatic loss in body inches within the 21 days.
If you’re not a fan of supplements, this detox will still work for you. It’s designed to work with or without supplements.

Yes, that list will be given to you via the MyFitMembers app upon signing up for the 21 day detox challenge.

We do not recommend using this detox diet for more than 21 days, as it’s designed to naturally clean out your body. However, you can certainly continue to practice healthier food choices after completing the challenge.

We will weigh you at the beginning and end of the challenge. It is important to stay off the scale in between those weigh-ins. Remember, the number on the scale doesn’t define you!

If you are unable to attend orientation, please contact the Studio ahead of time so we can make arrangements for you to come in and weigh-in.

Get Started Today!

Accept The 21 Day Detox Challenge

Our next detox diet orientation will be taking place on February 18, 2019 at our Lancaster location. You’ll receive all the information on the diet and will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The detox is set to begin on February 25, 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.