Wildon Layne, Fitness Instructor

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Wildon Layne

In 2013, Wildon joined iTrainStudio as a member and began his fitness journey. Over his time training at the Studio with Wayne, he witnessed and experienced how much of an impact small changes can make over time. Eventually, the small changes become big changes, and he was both fascinated and motivated by that.

Wanting to help iTrain as much as iTrain helped him, Wildon agreed to begin working as a personal trainer. Since then, he has earned certifications and qualifications in Group Fitness from NESTA, TRX, and FitRanx. He has also become the liaison between iTrain and companies and apps such as MindBody and MyZone. Today, you can find him in the Studio training clients and assisting with charity events and boot camps.



NESTA, Group Exercise

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