About iTrain Studio

Founded in 2014 by Wayne Mutata, an award-winning, certified personal trainer, life coach, and champion bodybuilder, iTrain Studio is one of the most respected personal training gyms in the Lancaster region.

Wayne's goal was to create an environment where trainers and clients felt like family.  Originally from Zimbabwe, Wayne sees lions as the best symbol for the people who train, work, and work out at the studio.  Lions, especially lionesses, are strong, determined and loyal. So when you see the words lions and lionesses thrown around, you now understand why!

Using expertise gained from both his academic and bodybuilding pedigrees, as well as his years of experience as a personal trainer, Wayne designed the iTrain Studio to provide unparalleled fitness results in a supportive environment, without the pressure of just hitting numbers.

At iTrain Studio the “personal” part of “personal training” means you’re part of a big family that’s got your back as you work towards your goals.

iTrain Studio is proud of the Lion’s Pride they are creating in Lancaster County.  Come check us out and join the fun!


Wayne Mutata


Owner, Personal Trainer, Head Lion

Wayne Mutata is a certified personal trainer, physical preparation specialist and a USA Weight Lifting Performance Coach.  He has more than 14 years of professional personal training experience.

He attended the National Personal Training institute of Philadelphia and received his degree in Physiology and Anatomy with a minor in Dietary Nutrition and Exercise Science. 

Wayne is the founder of the iTrainwithWayne brand that includes the itrain Studio (founded in 2014) for small group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training as well as boot camps and elite, professional, body building work.

Before opening the itrain Studio, Mutata worked at Willow Valley retirement communities for five years, learning how the body ages and how to take care of it not only for the present, but into the future.

As a professional bodybuilder Wayne has won the national title in the men’s Fitbody, is a two-time winner of Mr. Ironfit, an NGA Physique Champion, and Mary A. Harris best poser award winner.

Wayne has written articles for multiple publications and been featured in national magazines including Men’s Health.

Born in Zimbabwe, Wayne moved to Lancaster, Penn. in 2005. In addition to pursuing his passion for physical fitness and wellness (for himself and his clients), he is also married and a father.


Wayne Mutata’s Certifications:

CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

NPTI Graduate (National Personal Training Institute)

Physical Preparation Specialist

Life Coach

Precision Nutrition l

Wildon Layne

2018_ITrain_08 (29).jpg

Trainer, Lion

Wildon Layne is the operations manager of the iTrain Studio. As such he is responsible for keeping the "behind the scenes" business side of the studio running smoothly. 

As a NESTA certified group exercise instructor he's no stranger to running, training and helping others get fit. 

Wildon is the official liaison between the Itrain Studio and Mindbody, MyZone, Fitclients, and Fitranx (which will be coming, soon to the Itrain Studio. 

While his goal is to keep everyone moving in the studio, he is perfectly content in the background making sure the business side is as professional and effective as the classes.


Wildon Layne's Certifications

NESTA, Group Exercise



Melody Alicea

2018_ITrain_08 (14).jpg


Mel is a certified NESTA Group exercise instructor as well as a REFIT instructor. Melody also is a entrepreneur and owns a local cleaning business named Refreshingly Clean.  After spending 10 years of learning how to navigate running a cleaning business, she decided that she was looking for more of a everyday solid connection with people.  She learned that people wanted to be heard and valued. She sought out a new way to work with people in person.

Melody spent 2 years doing some online health coaching. She built relationships and friendships with people who were looking for change and transformation in their lives.  She realized she longed for physical contact and had a passion for connecting with people whether their needs be with their home or with their health. She is an advocate for self love as well as body kindness, throwing all of societies ideas out the window.  

Melody struggled with her own gremlins on her journey to weight management and physical activity. She shares and brings to her coaching that a true healthy transformation comes from the inside out and often we need support, guidance and a plan to execute to do this.  

Melody is currently working on getting her Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training certification and plans to open a local yoga studio upon completion. She has 4 kids and lives outside of Millersville with her husband, Miguel.


Melody Alicea's Certifications and Degrees

NESTA, Group Exercise

REFIT, Instruction

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher Training, In Progress

Steve Banh


Trainer, Lion

Coach and trainer Steve Banh holds multiple certifications including his NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Strongfirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Certified Speed & Agility Coach.

Steve was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since graduating from York College of Pennsylvania in 2012, he has been coaching, training and teaching high school history.

He has coached hundreds of student athletes ranging from elementary school all the way up through the NCAA Divison 1 level. Under his belt are numerous All-Americans, state place winners, district place winners and county champions. He is currently attending Millersville University to earn his Masters of Education in Sports Management with a concentration in Athletic Coaching.


Steve Banh's Certifications and Degrees

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Physical Preparation Specialist

Strongfirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor

Precision Nutrition Level 1

 Certified Speed & Agility Coach

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