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These Dedicated & Passionate Lions Are Here for You!

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The History Behind iTrain Studio


ayne Mutata, award-winning, certified personal trainer and life coach, founded iTrainStudio in 2014 with a mission to offer individuals a warm, welcoming fitness space in which they could truly be themselves.

The Studio is designed to provide unparalleled fitness results in a supportive environment, without the pressure of hitting numbers on a scale or set of weights.

Gone are the days of feeling afraid to make your way to the free weights! At iTrain, everyone is seen as an equal and is truly valued. It’s more than just a gym — it’s a community of like-minded, determined individuals with similar goals. When you step into the studio for the first time, you become part of the family and part of the pride.

Wayne sees lions as the best symbol for the individuals who come to iTrain. Lions and lionesses are strong, determined, and loyal. They challenge others in the pack while also encouraging them to do their very best and push their limits.

State-of-the-art Space

Our gym is a beautiful, spacious and state-of-the-art studio space located in the heart of Lancaster city.

Our Team


Head Lion Wayne Mutata

Owner / Personal Trainer

The iTrain Studio Lancaster PA 9
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Lion Wildon Layne

Personal Trainer

The iTrain Studio Lancaster PA 12
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Lioness Stacie Skelly

Studio Operations Manager

2018 ITrain 08 19
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Lioness Melody Alicea-Andrews

Personal Trainer

The iTrain Studio Lancaster PA 13
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Lioness Emily Hutchinson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Lioness Darian Healy Blackwell

Personal Trainer

darian healy blackwell itrain studio trainer
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Lion Steve Banh

Personal Trainer

The iTrain Studio Lancaster PA 14
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