What Is Metabolic Testing?

What Is Metabolic Testing?

Metabolic tests are used for measuring the rate at which calories are burned by your body. These are also used for measuring oxygen used during rest and physical activities. Once upon a time, metabolic testing was only available in expensive hospital or laboratory settings.


Several years ago, gyms and health clubs started offering metabolic evaluations using cost-efficient equipment. The procedures and test equipment which are used in a gym or health club setting are often similar to the protocols and equipment used in a hospital setting. Following are some tests which are usually performed.

What is Metabolic Testing?

  1. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) test. During any metabolic testing, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test is the first one performed. This test provides an estimate of the number of calories burned by your body when you are resting.
  2. VO2max test. Some metabolic testing involves measuring the metabolic rate of your body during different stages of exercise. That is why it is also called a VO2max (maximum volume of oxygen) test or aerobic test. This test gives you information regarding the intensity levels at which oxygen is used by your body. It tells you how efficient your body is at burning fat.
  3. Lactate threshold test. This test is mainly used for athletes. This test provides data regarding the intensity level where your body can no longer supply an appropriate amount of oxygen for maximum performance. This is where fatigue sets in and lactate production peaks.


Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss:

People choose to undergo metabolic tests for different reasons. Weight loss is one of them. Metabolic testing can provide people with essential data which may help them in losing weight. Based on your estimated daily activity and your resting metabolic rate, your trainer can estimate the total number of calories you burn every day without any physical activity or exercise.


You will also learn how your body burns through energy during exercise. This data can help you in managing your food intake during the day and can help you in making smart choices about different types of exercise.

Metabolic Testing, Diet, & Exercise:

For instance, if you learn that it takes you 3 hours for burning off the calories in your favorite dessert via sedentary activity, you might think twice before eating that dessert. And if you find out that it takes an hour of running to burn off your favorite beverage then you might be more motivated to drink water instead.


Metabolic testing will also tell you about the heart rate range which is most efficient for your body to burn fat. This will allow you to discover the heart rate limit when your body stops burning fat. This will help you in choosing appropriate exercises and your workout sessions. Metabolic testing will also tell you how you can train to improve the ability of your body to burn fat more efficiently. By using all this metabolic information, you will be able to come up with a combo of diet and exercise which will help you lose weight in the most effective and convenient manner.

The Takeaway:

Unfortunately, due to the size, complexity, and expense of the equipment needed to perform the tests, limited the practicality of using this technology to some universities, hospitals, and pro sports teams. However, new advances in miniaturizing and streamlining the equipment needed are quickly making metabolic testing one of the hottest technologies available to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and performance levels.

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