Old News Is Good News: New Years Resolutions

Old News Is Good News: New Years Resolutions

Two years ago Wayne Mutata was interviewed by Fine Living Lancaster about the effectiveness of New Year’s resolutions.

From the article:

“Many of us make ambitious New Years resolutions to work out five times a week or to cut out sugar completely from our diets, but does that really work? Once February hits, how likely are you to have kept your fabulous resolution?

“Fitness shouldn’t just be a quick fix,” Wayne explains.”

He went on to explain the iTrain philosophy, as well as to describe the clients he wanted to help.

Neither has changed in the past two years. Wayne is still working with everyone from stay-at-home moms to students to older adults. But, no matter the age or fitness stage, one thing holds true: training at iTrain means not going it alone, and being part of a Lion’s Pride that does fitness in Lancaster proud.

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