Fat Burning Supplements: Using Stacks to Burn Fat Fast

You’re working out multiple days a week, eating right, but still not seeing the results you want. What gives?! The answer may be to test out different classes or try a new nutrition plan…or it could be as simple as taking a few supplements when you work out. Or is that too good to be

7 Tips For Returning To A Fitness Routine And A Healthier You!

If you've been living like a sloth on the couch for several years, a quick glance in the mirror may reveal that you no longer look like the pictures of years ago before you turned into that couch potato. Given the choice, your body will always try and take the easy way out of being

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The Benefits of Boxing You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

When the going gets tough, the tough get boxing! With all of the stability, strength, and endurance training that boxing helps with, it’s no wonder our iTrain Lions and Lionesses flock to our Lion Rumble boxing classes every month. But you may be wondering what the real benefits of boxing are and if it’s worth

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Exercise For Your Body And Mental Health

Exercise For Your Body And Mental Health Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body. But exercise is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Exercise isn't just for burning calories. Regular physical activity plays an important role in mental acuity and cognitive function, which can help support a

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4 Ways To Know When To Replace Electrolytes 

4 Ways To Know When To Replace Electrolytes Electrolytes are minerals that break into small, electrically-charged particles called ions when they dissolve in water. Found in blood and cells, electrolytes are essential to physical activity because they regulate bodily fluids. When water goes out of the body, electrolytes do as well. And when the body is

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Tips For A Positive Mindset That Equal Results With Your Fitness Goals

Tips For A Positive Mindset That Equal Results With Your Fitness Goals Sometimes it’s the numbers on the scale, other times it’s a single glance in the mirror or just a lack of energy that motivates us to work towards being healthier and making healthier choices. We’ve all been there. In the beginning, it is

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Tips For Attaining And Maintaining Your New Years Fitness Goals

Tips For Attaining And Maintaining Your New Years Fitness Goals Hopping on the New Year’s Resolution fitness bandwagon may seem cliché, especially if you’ve done it before, only to find yourself on the couch every night come February. Don’t worry, though: you are not alone. On January 1, most Americans named weight loss as their number

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How Having A Fitness Partner Can Help With Your Fitness Goals

If there were a way to double your chances for fitness success, would you be interested? How about a technique to make exercise more fun? A tool that automatically creates space and time in your busy schedule for workouts? A proven way to help you out of a rut or through a plateau? It may all

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Fitness Over 50: Top Tips for Staying In Shape As An Older Adult

As we age, the inevitable happens — our joints get weaker, our muscles become thinner, and getting up off the couch may seem like a huge feat. But what if we told you that you didn’t need to feel that way? What if you could wake up every morning feeling refreshed, strong, and ready to

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How Poor Sleep Habits May Be Affecting Your Health And Fitness Program

Isn't it funny how we dreaded bedtime as children and look forward to it as adults? Now it seems to feel like you can never get enough of it, it feels like there simply aren't enough hours in a day. If you are trying to achieve certain fitness objectives, you should know that getting enough sleep

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