iTrain Studio Fitness Classes

One advantage of training at the iTrain Studio is the variety of classes we offer.  From boxing to cross-training, we make sure all of your bases are covered.   We even have indoor and outdoor bootcamps!  No workout is the same at iTrain.  

Classes are a way to join our lion’s pride comfortably. You've been chasing your goals, trying to lose weight or get it shape, but doing it alone can be challenging.  Together, with our energetic lions and lionesses around you, we will reach your goals and help you attain what you want out of your fitness journey.  

Our motto, has and will always be, “not me, but we.”


See you in class!


Boxing - AKA Lion Rumble

Bag work and pads - punching with an emphasis on improving power and speed naturally improves conditioning.  These drills and more are part of our fitness focused boxing classes.

boot camp.jpg


$15 / Session


$10 / Session




Refit is a cardio dance program that engages the whole person: body, mind and soul. This community-centered program focuses on building relationships as well as endurance. In this hour-long fitness class, you will find easy to learn movements, inspiring music, and a family-friendly environment for all ages.


4 class pack

$25 / Package

Drop In

$8 / Session


Nutrition Planning

Work one-on-one with Head Lion, Wayne, to learn about customized nutrition and diet plans.  These sessions are typically in conjunction with an iTrain exercise regime.


21-Day Nutritional Reset

$50 will give non-clients access to our nutritional guides.