Fat Burning Supplements: Using Stacks to Burn Fat Fast

Fat Burning Supplements: Using Stacks to Burn Fat Fast

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You’re working out multiple days a week, eating right, but still not seeing the results you want. What gives?! The answer may be to test out different classes or try a new nutrition plan…or it could be as simple as taking a few supplements when you work out. Or is that too good to be true? Let’s take a look at the most common questions asked regarding fat burning supplements and the benefits they have.

The Burning Questions

Are Fat Burning Supplements Safe?

Yes! As long as you’re taking them responsibly and with the guidance of an expert, it’s perfectly fine to take fast burning supplements. We always advise consulting a fitness and nutrition specialist such as our Head Lion, Wayne, prior to taking supplements. With more knowledge about your health and any areas of struggle, he can provide you with better instructions on which supplements to take that will work best for you, your body, and your goals.

How Do Fat Burning Supplements Work?

When taken individually, fat burners help to remove stored fat from your cells and push them into your bloodstream, making it easier to burn off. When taken as a stack (the combination of choice supplements), you can create your own fat-burning machine that will eliminate fat fast! Supplement stacks not only remove stored fat and allow it to enter the bloodstream, but they also help it move through your body more efficiently. In the end, you’ll have a better burn when you pair the right supplements together.

Are Fat Burning Supplements Effective?

Yes, they absolutely can be! While every individual’s body is different and may be impacted differently by supplements, the general consensus is that if you are regularly exercising and feeding your body right, supplements can make a difference in you achieving your health and fitness goals.

When Should I Take Fat Burning Supplements?

There are two types of fat burning supplements: caffeinated and non-non-caffeinated. If you are planning on taking a fat burning supplement that contains caffeine, it’s recommended that you take it in the morning before you work out. This allows you to avoid any sleep issues you may experience by taking the caffeinated supplement in the evening.

Non-caffeinated fat burning supplements can be taken at any time of day. These supplements are also great for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine.

Fat Burner Supplement Benefits

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics, it’s time to move onto the benefits of taking fat burners! Check out these advantages.

  • Increased Metabolism — Fat burners are designed to help increase your metabolism so you can burn more during your workout and throughout the rest of your day.
  • More Energy — Many people who take fat burners feel more energized after using them.
  • Suppressed Appetite — As your heart rate and body temperature increase, your appetite may decrease, which is perfect for anyone struggling with overeating.
  • Enhanced Weight-Loss Results — Thanks to their fat burning power and the ability to suppress appetites, supplements help speed up weight loss!

The Best Fat Burner Supplement Stacks

With all of the benefits in mind, are you willing to give supplements a shot? If you are, we have the perfect solution for you! Our MTS Nutrition fat burning supplement stacks are some of the best supplement combinations on the market. And, we know they work! Just ask some of the other Lions and Lionesses in the studio. They may even show you some before and after pictures!


If you’re looking to start out slowly, we recommend our traditional fat burner stack! It comes with about a 30 day supply of supplements, including a regular thermogenic fat burner, an alpha-receptor inhibitor, and a fat mobilizer. Combining the fat burner with the alpha receptor inhibitor and fat mobilizer allows your body to quickly and effectively get rid of fat cells while you burn calories during your workout. Better yet, our traditional stack even includes a meal plan!


Dig in deep with our 21 Day Detox supplement stack! This stack includes a regular thermogenic fat burner, BCAAs, a vegetable supplement, and whey protein. While the thermogenic fat burner puts in the work to eliminate fat cells, the protein helps to keep you full while kicking those mid-day and evening cravings. The vegetable supplement aids in keeping you healthy and stocked full of greens your body needs. The BCAAs also help your body recover after your workouts so you stay refreshed and feeling ready for the next one! As if that wasn’t enough, this stack also comes with a membership to the MyFitMembers app, allowing you to get exclusive, educational videos and vital diet and nutrition information.


If it’s absolutely time for a change and you’re ready to give it your all, we’re ready to give right back. Here are two of our top supplement stacks for both women and men:

  • Women — Our transformation stack for Lionesses includes a thermogenic fat burner, alpha receptor inhibitor, fat mobilizer, glucose disposal agent, water control formula, whey protein, and a three-phase nutrition plan.
  • Men — The Lion transformation stack is very similar, but includes creatine, a hardening agent, and testosterone booster or power enhancer.

Are you still on the fence about choosing to take fat burning supplements or stacks? Contact our team today! Our experts will help guide you in your health and wellness journey whether you take supplements or not!

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