iTrain Scavenger Hunt Winners Have Been Announced!

iTrain Scavenger Hunt Winners Have Been Announced!

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During the month of November and part of December, our lions and lionesses teamed up to compete in a local scavenger hunt! The rules were simple — get as many items done as possible before December 16th. Scavenger hunt items included collecting things such as:

  • Pictures of your team taking a Zumba class together.
  • Videos of a team member skipping for at least one city block.
  • Pens with a Downtown Lancaster company logo on it.
  • Pictures of a teammate doing at least 10 cartwheels at Park City Mall.
  • Pictures or videos of a team member receiving a service at Restore Cryotherapy.

Needless to say, our den family was seen running all around Lancaster together. Memories were made, laughs were had, and bonds have grown stronger! The winning teams of the scavenger hunt were:

  • Team Best Kept Secret — Kaylyn Shafer, Emily Hutchinson, Meyessa Ackland, Veronica Lynn, and Amanda Bieganski
  • Team Scavenger Divas — Danielle Berger, Gail Mowery, Kellie Linares, and Coach Mel

Winning team members should pick up their prizes at the studio. There will be exclusive travel bags for each of you.

The iTrain family would also like to give a shout out to all of the participants! You did a fantastic job and we were so pleased to see all the photos and videos that came out of it.

Want to join in on the fun next time? Contact us today to learn more about iTrain!

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