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No Workout Is The Same At iTrain

One advantage of training at the iTrain Studio is the variety of classes we offer. From boxing to cross-training, we make sure all of your bases are covered. We even have indoor and outdoor boot camps! No workout is the same at iTrain. Classes are a way to join our lion’s pride comfortably. You’ve been chasing your goals, trying to lose weight or get it shape, but doing it alone can be challenging. Together, with our energetic lions and lionesses around you, we will reach your goals and help you attain what you want out of your fitness journey. Our motto has and will always be, "not me, but we."

Boxing- Lion Rumble

With our fitness-focused boxing, you can expect:

  • Punching bag and pad work with incorporated cardio sets
  • Heavy emphasis on improving punching power and speed
  • Naturally-improving muscle conditioning

Lion Cardio

These energizing workouts are designed to melt calories while elevating your fitness level! You can expect:

  • Multiple sets of cardio exercises that aim to improve balance and agility
  • Energetic playlist and supportive atmosphere
  • Full-body workouts that target all muscle groups

Lions Lift

Both fun and functional, these challenging yet invigorating workouts:

  • Tone and fine-tune major muscle groups for optimum strength
  • Improve total-body coordination
  • Utilize interchanging pieces of fitness equipment to keep sessions fun and exciting

Lions Tabata

Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that features:

  • Workout reps with 20-30 seconds of activity and 10 seconds of rest
  • Eight reps per exercise set
  • Circuit stations and exercises that target both strength and cardio

Our Classes Classes Are Located In

  • ITrain 315 Small Group Fitness Studio

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