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The History Behind iTrain Studio


ayne Mutata, award-winning, certified personal trainer and life coach, founded iTrainStudio in 2014 with a mission to offer individuals a warm, welcoming fitness space in which they could truly be themselves.

The Studio is designed to provide unparalleled fitness results in a supportive environment, without the pressure of hitting numbers on a scale or set of weights.

Gone are the days of feeling afraid to make your way to the free weights! At iTrain, everyone is seen as an equal and is truly valued. It’s more than just a gym — it’s a community of like-minded, determined individuals with similar goals. When you step into the studio for the first time, you become part of the family and part of the pride.

Wayne sees lions as the best symbol for the individuals who come to iTrain. Lions and lionesses are strong, determined, and loyal. They challenge others in the pack while also encouraging them to do their very best and push their limits.

State-of-the-art Space

Our gym is a beautiful, spacious and state-of-the-art studio space located in the heart of Lancaster city.

Our Team


Head Lion Wayne Mutata

Owner / Personal Trainer

Head Lion Wayne Mutata Owner / Personal Trainer
“Our clients walk into the Studio for the first time fearful and hesitant, but ultimately leave as better versions of themselves. After a few weeks of working with us and being part of the community, they are happier and stronger than ever before. They all inspire me.”

When Wayne Mutata was younger, he was living in Zimbabwe with his family. That’s where he met a missionary who was also a bodybuilder. Fascinated by the missionary, he began talking to her about his dreams and aspirations. At some point, she showed him a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger…and that was the turning point for Wayne. That’s who he wanted to be.

To achieve his goal of becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger, he began training children in his neighborhood for 10 cents per person, hoping to save enough money so that he could buy a plane ticket to America. After 3 years of saving, he finally bought a ticket and made his way to the airport. Before boarding the plane, he was asked to provide his Visa, to which he replied, “Who’s Visa?” The attendant disposed of his ticket and shooed Wayne away.
Back home, he felt defeated and discouraged. He told his mother, “I can’t do it anyway. Arnold is big and I’m not.” His mother turned to him, eyes holding his gaze and said, “If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle. You’re a lion!”

Taking his mother’s words to heart, Wayne never gave up on his dream and always chased after his passion. But this time, he was a lion. He moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2005 and worked hard to integrate himself into the health and fitness industry in every way possible. He attended the National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia, receiving a degree in Physiology and Anatomy with a minor in Dietary Nutrition and Exercise Science.
Wayne founded the iTrainStudio (also known as iTrainWithWayne) in 2014 and has continuously helped individuals reach their fullest potential, both mentally and physically ever since. With his magnetic personality, spectacular energy, and upbeat attitude, he brings light into the Studio every day and positively influences those around him. With Wayne on your side, you can conquer any task at hand!

Outside of the Studio, Wayne loves spending time with his wife, Kirsten, and son, Xsavior. He can also be found participating in many community events and taking time to catch up with fellow iTrain lions and lionesses.


• CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
• NPTI Graduate (National Personal Training Institute)
• Physical Preparation Specialist
• Life Coach
• Precision Nutrition l
• TRX Training Specialist
• Box ‘N Burn Certified

Lion Wildon Layne

Personal Trainer

“My experience at iTrain has helped me become more compassionate and caring. I have made positive changes in my everyday life and I carry them with me to this day.”

In 2013, Wildon joined iTrainStudio as a member and began his fitness journey. Over his time training at the Studio with Wayne, he witnessed and experienced how much of an impact small changes can make over time. Eventually, the small changes become big changes, and he was both fascinated and motivated by that.

Wanting to help iTrain as much as iTrain helped him, Wildon agreed to begin working as a personal trainer. Since then, he has earned certifications and qualifications in Group Fitness from NESTA, TRX, and FitRanx. He has also become the liaison between iTrain and companies and apps such as MindBody and MyZone. Today, you can find him in the Studio training clients and assisting with charity events and boot camps.


  • NESTA, Group Exercise

Lioness Stacie Skelly

Studio Operations Manager

“I am inspired by watching people change their lives every single day. In big ways and small ways, our members begin to transform. Once they realize they’re different, it’s awesome to witness.”

Stacie is the Operations Manager at iTrainStudio. Not only is she involved in project management and organizational procedures, she also plays a crucial role in helping to foster the unique culture of the Studio. While her main focus is planning, organizing, and helping to implement best practices, she is directly responsible for implementing and facilitating additional projects such as the Little Red Dress /

Black Tie challenge and the 21 Day Detox program. She is invested in the iTrain community and values the idea that everyone who walks into the Studio is considered part of the family.

When Stacie began training with Wayne in January of 2018, she described herself as a “non-athlete.” However, after just a few sessions, she became focused and determined to take her health and fitness goals to the next level. She has been training and participating in iTrain challenges ever since, with no end in sight!

One of her favorite quotes comes directly from Wayne — “Be better than yesterday.” With this motto in mind, Stacie works hard to bring new activities, educational programs, and positive energy to the Studio every day. Her personal journey with nutrition has inspired her to begin studying for her NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management certification, as well as her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Prior to iTrain, Stacie was a team captain for her Relay for Life team, chair of various community organizations, and a full-time mom to her two sons, Taylor and Aaron. In her spare time, she likes to kayak, bike, read, and enjoy time with family. She currently resides in Millersville with her husband, boys, and fluffy Goldendoodle, Millie!


  • TRX Rip Training Certified

Lioness Melody Alicea-Andrews

Personal Trainer

“Our foundation is based on community and loving support. We meet everyone right where they are, at any level, and often believe in them before they believe in themselves.”

Melody, also known as Mel, has been a member of iTrain since the beginning of 2017. After taking a few classes, she fell in love with the community and decided to follow her passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Since then, she has been training members both one-on-one and within small groups. She also participates in many of the iTrain community events that take place outside of the Studio, and is constantly working on continuing her education in a variety of areas within the health and fitness industry. Her ultimate goal is to always advance her knowledge in order to better help every iTrain member she works with.

As she ventures through her own health journey, she feels drawn to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to be their absolute best through fitness. She is an advocate for self love and personal growth, and is always encouraging others to strive to find their inner greatness.

Aside from working at iTrain, Mel is a mother to 4 beautiful children. She is also an entrepreneur and owns and operates her own cleaning business called Refreshingly Clean! In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with her kids, and just enjoying life day by day.


  • NESTA, Group Exercise
  • REFIT, Instruction
  • Yoga Alliance Certified

Lioness Emily Hutchinson

Social Media Specialist

“If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness AND gain friends that feel like family…iTrain is the perfect community for you!”

Emily first saw Wayne in 2017 at the American Heart Association Heart Walk as he was conducting the group warmup. She was so encouraged by his positive, upbeat energy that she decided to reach out to a contact to ask for his information. A few months later, she became a member at iTrain. She loved the supportive environment and was a regular attendee at the 5 AM workout sessions (quite a feat!).

In August of 2018, Emily started working as the Social Media Specialist for iTrain. From organizing new member activities to setting up fitness support groups, Emily now has her hand in many of the events at iTrain, and her passion shines through in everything she does.

When she’s not in the studio, you can find Emily with her family and fiancé or at a photoshoot, taking stellar shots of newlyweds and loving families. She’s also a foodie, so if you can’t find her, she’s probably at a local eatery enjoying brunch!

Lioness Lisa Garcia

Personal Trainer

“I love seeing members conquer something that they never thought that they could do…even if everyone else knew that they already had the power inside of them.”

Lisa began her fitness journey in high school, exercising and lifting as a member of the Lancaster Catholic girls’ basketball team. Since then, she has challenged herself to dive deeper into aspects of health and fitness, including body mechanics, basic nutrition, and personal training.

Lisa describes herself as being the poster child for the mantra, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” At any given moment during the day, she has candy on hand — and lots of it! The iTrain team has helped motivate her to adopt a healthier lifestyle and obtain additional education on the benefits of a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen. She is proud to be part of the Lion’s Den and believes that the iTrain community is second-to-none.

Since joining iTrain, Lisa has obtained a Small Group Training certificate and has started training many members of the Studio. You can find her coaching individual members and coaching small groups.

Outside of the Studio, she works as a Project Manager at a digital media and marketing company. She lives in Lancaster with her husband, Davon, and her children, Kameron, Braylen, and Avery. When not with her family or training at iTrain, she keeps busy by coaching her son’s basketball team, running, and watching TruTV crime shows.


  • Small Group Training Certified

Lion Steve Banh

Personal Trainer

Coach and trainer Steve Banh holds multiple certifications including his NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Strongfirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Certified Speed & Agility Coach.
Steve was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since graduating from York College of Pennsylvania in 2012, he has been coaching, training and teaching high school history.

He has coached hundreds of student athletes ranging from elementary school all the way up through the NCAA Divison 1 level. Under his belt are numerous All-Americans, state place winners, district place winners and county champions. He is currently attending Millersville University to earn his Masters of Education in Sports Management with a concentration in Athletic Coaching.


• NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist • Physical Preparation Specialist
• Strongfirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
• Precision Nutrition Level 1
• Certified Speed & Agility Coach


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